The latest trend in skin care marketing is anti-aging. Many women today are concerned about reversing the signs of aging as well as prevention of the aging process. With so many well known brand name products out there, it may be difficult to find the perfect most beneficial one for you. That is why I encourage you to be a label reader and know what you are putting in and on your body.

The difference between botanically based products and those that only contain botanical ingredients is simply in the recipe.
Botanicals can be added to a base of ingredients such as mineral oil, drying alcohols or animal by-products. In a base like that, your skin won’t benefit from the botanicals. You are paying for useless added ingredients that do not benefit your skin or health. For example 98% of cosmetic companies use some type of petrolatum by products, mineral oil, petrolatum or petroleum, in their products. Have you ever turned your products over and read “animal by products”? No, but the labels might say collagen, elastin and lanolin. Remember that the next time you lick your lips.

Furthermore, what you put on your body, you are essentially putting in your body. Don’t believe me? Put a piece of garlic between your toes, you will taste it in about fifteen minutes. Wouldn’t you like to be putting something on your body that aids in beauty as well as health? The ingredients are just a important as the effects.

There is hope, I have found a company with a Swiss formulated skin care line for the whole family*. These products are hypoallergenic and formulated without dyes, chemicals, or synthetic fragrances. They are also PH correct, which is part of their pure, safe and beneficial guarantee. It is not beneficial to use a product that makes you feel squeaky-clean because the PH of skin is 5.5 and we have an acid mantel that keeps down the bacterial infections. PH balanced is what most products advertise and that is about a 7, which is too drying for our skin. A lot of the clear soap that people use on their skin is actually a 14 on the ph scale, the same as perm solution.

I hope you come away from the article with a greater understanding of the importance of skin care and the products used to achieve healthy skin. At least, I hope you have become a label reader and are aware of what you are using and what you should be using.

Nails are made up of dead keratin tissues containing fat and water. They are non-organic and do not perform any function. But they are prone to several problems such as turning brittle, deformed, or getting exposed to various infections such as fungus or algae.

There are various problems pertaining to the nail plate. Some of them are as follows:

Brittle nail is a common problem that is caused by the loss of fat and water, which in turn splits the cells, thus making the nail brittle and frail. To overcome this problem, there are a number of remedies. It is advised that you wear gloves or use a long handled mop to prevent your hands from dipping into the water. To avoid dehydration effect do not use nail remover often. Just apply a single coat of nail polish to avoid using remover often. Massage the base of the nail plate with a cream.

A hangnail is a problem that is caused due to a tear in the cuticle or in the nail folds. These cuticles usually have a tendency to stick to the nail plate and when the nails grow the stretched part eventually tears. So constantly massage the cuticles to keep them soft. Sometimes you may face the problem of nail fold cracks. Do not pull off the splinter as it can cause infection to the nail folds. If your toe nails are not properly cut they lead to growing-toe problems. They penetrate into the nailfold thus leading to swelling. So always keep the nails in proper shape but do not cut them too short. Do not cut them from the side.

The treatment can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours and involves numerous steps with costs ranging from $300 to $1,500 depending on the salon.

A cheaper price should raise some red flags as to the quality of the chemicals used or the expertise of the stylist according to the experts.

The result is permanently straight hair but after 4 to 6 months any new hair growth will need to be treated as well. This usually costs close to the same amount as the original treatment because it is a more time-consuming process involving straightening hair closer to the roots.

Because of the chemicals and techniques used you will not be able to curl the treated hair so you definitely want to take that into consideration beforehand.

There is also a growing concern from some stylists that thermal reconditioning may not be the perfect hair straightening solution after all.

First off, experts estimate that at least 80 percent of people that are having the treatment are not really good reconditioning candidates for several reasons:

Any recent chemical processes done to your hair such as hair coloring, bleaching or hair relaxing can cause serious problems including hair loss and breakage if you elect to have the treatment done. A hair strand test must be done first to determine whether your hair can accept the chemicals. If the salon does not offer a strand test you might want to reconsider who you trust your hair to.

It does not work on African hair because it is too fragile and can’t take the heat required during the straightening process. It is not the same as a hair relaxer which is made especially for African hair.

In fact, a growing number of women are claiming serious hair breakage problems and it has been reported in the press that one of the top Hollywood celebrity hair stylists refuses to perform the treatment because she thinks it is too much of a risk to her client’s hair.

Many women are led to believe that the process is actually good for your hair but there have been no clinical studies to prove this and by definition anything that physically alters the hair structure at the molecular level is damaging.

Even though many women have had the Japanese Hair Straightening process done to their hair with great success you should know that there can be some risk involved and if you decide to have it done to your hair be sure you use a reputable salon with properly trained stylists that will test your hair first.

There are different kinds of perm which can be permanent as well as temporary. Make a choice according to your liking. It gives bounce to your hair, adds a new look to your body which can be very satisfying. It helps in making it very soft and adds fullness to the same. Many people have different reasons for perming their hair whether the reasons are good or bad.

If you decide to perm your hair, make sure that you have made it clear whether it looks good on you. If it doesn’t suit you then the whole idea of keeping the perm is lost. Different hair types would need different ways of getting their perm done. When getting your hair permed keep in mind that you should have extra long hair and it should be in good condition which means well-conditioned and moisturizing.

Once the perm is done extra care should be taken, avoid perming your colored hair. If ever you plan to color your hair then it should be done after your perm. Getting two processes done at the same time can create problems for hair and it can be avoided by a wise choice. Excessive use of shampoo would not be good either, but the use of good conditioner for permed hair would also be good. Try to towel your hair gently and avoid knots.

Mostly getting a perm done would take 2 hours or more. It would take more than 24 hours to get the perm fully settle and have a great impact on your whole personality. The perm would last for 3-5 months which is good enough if you happen not to like the perm.

Hyaluronic acid facial injection, Restylane, is one of only two FDA approved injections for the treatment of facial wrinkles around the nose and mouth. The other two are the collagen injection for correcting soft tissue deficiencies such as wrinkles and acne scars and botulinum toxin (Botox) for treating frown lines between the eyebrows. However, in a pivotal clinical study of Hyaluronic acid, results indicated that Hyaluronic acid is a safer and more effective option than collagen.

The clinical study included 138 patients who received the Restylane Hyaluronic acid injection on one side of the face and bovine collagen injections on the other side. Most patients in the studies required one injection, while one third needed more than one injection. The Hyaluronic acid injection produced a lower incidence of redness than the collagen injections.

Further research indicates that the possibility of allergic reactions in patients who use Hyaluronic acid is much lower than in patients who use collagen. Allergic reactions are possible in 3% to 4% of patients who use collagen and very, very rarely in patients who receive Hyaluronic acid injections. The reason lies in the fact that injectable collagen is derived from animals principally from cow hides and pig skins. Hyaluronic acid injections are not animal derived and thus do not contain animal protein which can cause allergic reactions in humans.

Lastly, Hyaluronic acid injections last much longer than collagen injections. Hyaluronic acid injections can last for as long as 6-12 months while collagen only lasts for about 3-4 months. Thus, between increased safety, effectiveness and results, it appears as if Hyaluronic acid is poised to become the wrinkle filler, lip plumper and fine line killer of choice in today’s highly competitive cosmetic surgery market.

Shampoo properly. By this, I mean that you should invest in a top quality salon shampoo that matches your hair type, if you have coloured hair, make sure that the formulation of your shampoo is suitable, likewise if your hair is thin, greasy, blonde, or brunette, talk to your stylist, and get them to advise you on what they think is best. Too many people simply pick something off the supermarket shelf and home for the best, when what they really need is a shampoo that suits them.

Condition deeply. Hair conditioners have a formulation that will add body and shine to your hair. You know how uncomfortable and scratchy clothes are if you don’t use a fabric conditioner, well hair is the same. Also, a good conditioner will help to keep your hair static free, which will reduce frizziness even more. Massage the conditioner from root to tip and leave it to work its magic and make your hair look really healthy and shiny before rinsing it thoroughly.

Dry your hair well. Modern hair dryers will not harm your hair as much as they used to, but if you are going to use a blow dryer to get your hair dry quickly, make sure you keep it moving over your hair and dry it evenly to avoid overheating. If you have the time, use the dryer on a cool setting to avoid damage.

Use a good Serum. There are a huge variety of great products around that are designed to smooth your hair. Most salons will be able to point you in the direction of a serum such as Frizz-ease that will help to keep your hair looking great. Generally hair serums work in three ways, by relaxing the hair, smoothing it, and reducing the potential for it to attract the static electricity that will cause it to frizz up.

Use good quality hair straighteners. Most people find that the cheaper hair straighteners do not do a very good job. You might find that they do not get hot enough to iron out the kinks properly on a single pass, and are not slippery enough to allow your hair to pass through smoothly. Opt for ceramic or glass heating plates, and make sure that there is an adjustable temperature. GHD straighteners are the best known straighteners available at the moment, and with good reason, their plates get hot fast, and are super smooth to make styling your hair easy, all of which makes them a real favourite in salons around the world. Ceramic plates will help discharge the static electricity from your hair too, and leave it looking straight for longer.

Your skin will most likely burn and then peel. You also receive the highest amounts of UV radiation that can have long term affects like melanoma or skin cancer. When you do go out, make sure to apply at least a SPF of 10 or higher and couple of times. This way you can see if you get any color. A slight pink color is the most that you want. Even if you do not look like you got any color it can come in at a later time that day or when you shower. It is good to take a mildly cold shower after returning from being in the sun because any color you do get is like a burn and should be treated as such. Cold water will help stop any temporary damage that could cause you to peel. Aloe vera is also a great natural oinment to heal your skin and help it maintain a darker shade.

If you do burn, Solarcane is a good skin treatment cream that has medication to help heal burns, but it is not necessary unless you are uncomfortable. Take at least two days after being in the sun to see the effects. You can then assess if you would like more or less sun exposure based on the results. Never alter your time in the sun by more than 1 hour for testing and always use some form of sunblock. Sunblock, even in weak forms, has UV protection that protects you from the harmful radiation. Do not layout in the sun with out it. The process can be slow at first, but you should see some results. If you are prone to freckles from sun exposure, you may want to slow the process even more, because the freckles are a reaction to too much sun at one time.

Often times, stretch marks appear on parts where fat is stored. These are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, under arms and breasts. Women who had just given birth have theirs as reddish marks which become light purple later on. These can also be obtained through physical activities such as working out. Also, if your weight balloons up and down on the weighing scale, your skin is often stretched and the collagen normally produced is disrupted, resulting to discoloration.

Realistically, stretch marks cannot be removed instantly. According to doctors, these are already scars. What you can do is to make them less noticeable by lightening the dark spots.
The most common home remedy in removing stretch marks quickly is cocoa butter. This has been tried and tested by mothers who had recently given birth. It is also possible that the massaging action of applying the cocoa butter attributes to the less noticeable stretch mark.

Another solution you can try is to exfoliate. Choose a product that will work best for you. After exfoliating, use a good lotion on the scars. Some have even tried squeezing a Vitamin E capsule open and applying the liquid to the area with the stretch marks. According to them, it worked.

You can also use olive oils and coconut butter. Thoroughly massage these topical ointments on the area where the stretch marks are located. Do this religiously and regularly. Sooner or later, you will see results.

If you prefer those you can buy in the drug store, there are a number of products you can use. An example is the Palmer’s Stretch Marks Cream. It is herbal based and is quite safe and effective in removing those unwanted stretch marks on your thighs, buttocks, stomach and breasts. It also restores your skin to its original texture.

Stick to one solution. Do not go from one home remedy to the next – as to this might have additional side effects. Make up your mind which remedy you would like to try and stick to it for at least 6 to 12 weeks. If there are no improvements, then you can try another one.

Prevention is better than cure and the most effective way for you to not get stretch marks is to exercise. By doing so, your muscles and your skin remain firm. You can also eat foods that are rich in proteins, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Drink lots of water because they can also help your skin to be healthier.

Stretch marks are not hazardous to one’s health though. Having them does not mean that the person will not be able to function properly. It is normal for everybody to be concerned on how they look and although these stretch marks are located in areas that are not usually seen, the fact that you still have them can lessen your confidence.

Now before you run out and actually henna your hair, there are some things to consider. Have you recently died or permed your hair? Would you plan on perming your hair in the future? If so, you may wish to rethink or hold off! Henna is great for your hair, but doesn’t play well with chemical hair treatments. Unless you want to risk a head of green hair, or goodness knows what else, you really want to wait at least 30 days from your last perm or coloring. Also, once henna is applied to your hair, it is said that the color can remain for up to one whole year!

I even ran a little experiment just for the purpose of having this information to share. Hey, we’re all friend here, right? I can take the risk of a head that looks like ripe lime for the team!

Now until this experiment, I have been dying my hair with henna for well over a year and a half. Prior to that, I was an avid permanent hair dye user, so I know how my hair reacts to permanent dye. Even with naturally dark brown hair and the occasional grays, my hair would take to dye very well- even with very light shades. For my experiment I waited 10 weeks from my last henna application and used my old favorite brand permanent dye in a light “strawberry blonde” color.

The results? As usual, my dark roots took to the dye like a charm, including my iridescent silver hairs. Now, the rest of my hair is another story… The entire rest of my head remained the very same EXACT color it was before it was introduced to the dye! The dye had absolutely no effect, even since it was a good two and a half months since my last use of henna. So from the conclusion of this experiment, we can gather that if you decide you want to go henna, don’t plan on going back for a long time!

Another factor to consider is your desired outcome. Henna, even though it is obviously is a powerful sticking dye, is not capable of actually lightening your hair. Also, if you have lighter colored hair, the highlights in certain shades may be more intense. Sometimes it takes a few tries of different types of henna and herbal additives to achieve the exact shades you’re looking for.

Consequently, there are hundreds of companies selling thousands of products, all vying to have the best selling skin care product. Although this is not inherently bad, many of these companies charge an arm and a leg for products that are chemically based, pose a risk of skin irritation, and damage to the environment.

However, there are effective alternatives to chemical skin care. An all natural, home remedy can often achieve the same results as the chemically based products, but without any of the irritation or side effects.

One of the best forms of natural home skin care are masks. Masks can be made from a wide variety of ingredients at home to achieve whatever your skin care needs are. Furthermore, most of the ingredients are easy to find, and very affordable.

The most popular home made mask is an oatmeal mask It is a simple, completely safe mask, and it works perfectly for people with oily skin. The ingredients are as follows:

1/3 cup of fast cook oatmeal (1-3 minutes)

¼ cup of honey

½ cup of water

Mix the water and the oatmeal together, and cook. Then, set the oatmeal aside to cool and thicken. As it is cooling, mix in the ¼ cup of honey. Once the mask is well mixed and cool, apply a thin even layer to the skin.

Be careful when applying this mask around the eyes. Though completely safe, the oatmeal can cause slight eye irritation. Better yet, place a used tea bag over the eyelids to reduce any redness or eye irritation.

The way this mask works is simple. The oatmeal in the mask is the primary “active” ingredient. It works to absorb excess oil on the skin and in the pores. Oatmeal will also help remove excess skin cells, and exfoliate the skin. The honey is simply there to turn the oatmeal into a pasty, sticky consistency that will adhere to the skin.

Another all natural skin treatment is to use lemon juice to help exfoliate and freshen the skin.

Lemon juice is a fruit acid, AKA Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It works in a similar fashion to salicylic acid, except that it is 100% all natural. It will help exfoliate the skin by reducing the “glue” that causes dead skin cells to stick to the skin.

This is one the simplest masks you can make, and is actually more of a “rinse” than anything. The only ingredients needed are water and lemon juice. Mix 1 part water to 5 parts lemon juice, and massage the solution onto your face. Then, rinse your face with cool water. Make sure to rinse well, because it can cause skin irritation if left on too long.