For most people, finding the right hair cut is not possible by simply looking through a few hair cutting books and picking out their favorite styles. The truth is that hair cuts featured in the top style magazines and style books have been chosen specifically for each model that sports them. Each hair style has been formulated to compliment the model’s bone structure, coloring and hair texture. That is why they look so great.

It would be foolish to think that a straight, textured cut would be possible to achieve on a client with naturally curly hair. And trying to put excessive layering on a client with thin and limp hair would result in a disastrous hair cutting experience. So, what can you do to make sure that you always get a great hair style?

The first step to great hair cuts is finding the right stylist. Once you find a stylist with a proven record and one with whom you are comfortable, take some time to talk about what you want out of your hair cut. Ask for cuts and styles that will compliment and work with your texture of hair, not go against it. For example: If your hair is wavy, you can not expect to achieve a sleek straight style in minutes. Nor can you expect to achieve a bouffant style on fine, limp hair in a matter of minutes.

Pay attention to how your stylist communicates with you. A good stylist will be honest with you and tell you if a cut that you really want is a bad idea. On the other hand, the same stylist can use their unique hair cutting skills to adapt popular styles to suit your individual hair characteristics and craft your locks into the best hair cut you’ve ever had.

Along with your stylist, browse through hair cutting and style books and discuss different hair cuts that caught your eye. Try to look for models with hair similar to yours. It is also very important to pay attention to face shape. So, choose models with bone structures similar to yours also.

What to do when a good hair cut goes bad

Sometimes, even people who have done all of their homework get bad hair cuts. Maybe they’ve chosen a stylist with an approach to hair cutting that is not ideal for their hair type. Or maybe they’ve insisted on a style that does nothing to flatter their features. Or worse yet, maybe they’ve gotten a botched cut from an inexperienced stylist. No matter what the reason a bad hair cut is not the end of the world. There are things that you can do to make the recovery from a bad hair cut less painful.

While it may seem strange, the first thing you need to do after receiving a bad hair cut is to go and get another one. Find a stylist who can smooth out the rough edges and carve your locks into a style that is more suited to you and more suited to the growing-out phase.

Do not stop at additional hair cutting, ask your stylist to help you find the right products to keep your tresses under control while they are recovering. Yes, it is frustrating, but in a few weeks you probably will not mind your new hairstyle. You may even grow to like it.

There are some commercial products to remove dye from hair, and a few home potions and processes.

Color Fix by Jheri Redding is designed to remove unwanted permant hair color, and controlled usage allows color correction to specific areas, either full or slight color corrections.

Loreal Color Zap gently washes away all permanent haircolor. Ideal for color correction, removal of dark shades, muddy, uneven results or color build up. Leaves hair ready for immediate re-coloring. Loreal Effasol Color Remover washes away permanent haircolor, leaving hair ready for recoloring. Can be used with water or developer.

Jerome Rusell’s Punky Color Punk Off is an easy to use gel that will cleanse your skin from hair dye stains.

Roux Clean Touch is a gentle formula that removes haircolor from skin and scalp. Removes excess color from hair ends and assists in removing stains from clothing.

Home remedies include this one:

Hot Oil treatments, hairspray, shampooing and exposure to water will gradually fade hair dye.

To remove the last bit of residue or stain on the hair (or to get color out immediately) make up a small batch of bleach mixture and add it to 2 tablespoons or so of shampoo in a cup. Stir it up.

Shampoo your hair with this mixture, “kneading” the hair. Start at the roots and work your way down to the end, and then back up.

You should see the color disappear right before your eyes.

Black hair dye is a special case.

It’s very hard to remove black hair dye from your hair completely, especially if it’s permanent. Better to let it grow out and not bleach it. Bleaching with chemicals damages the hair it may make it so stretchy and thin that it comes out in your comb.

Likewise if black hair dye stains skin or fabric. The best way is to prevent it from staining in the first place by applying Vaseline around the hairline before dyeing.

If black hair dye stains fabric then using detergent and water quickly is a good idea – otherwise dry cleaning may be required.

Black hair dye stains can also be removed by rubbing cigarette ash over the stained skin, dipping milk in cotton balls and rubbing over the stained area, rubbing on WD-40 or even nail polish remover or hair spray.

  • Step 1: Holding your hair dryer in one hand, bend at the waist, and flip your hair upside down, so the ends are all hanging towards the ground. With your free hand, grab a handful of the ends of your hair and bring your hand up towards your head, gathering up hair as you go. You should have a big handful of hair. Hold it loosely in your hand, and aim the warm air all around your hand for 15 seconds or so. Release that hair, and repeat with another section of hair. Move all around your head! You should be able to get all of the way around your head with about 5 handfuls.
  • Step 2: When you have had a go at all of your hair, take a few seconds and aim the dryer at your scalp. Rub your free hand in small circles all over your head while aiming the dryer at your scalp. This will create volume in your hairstyle, and even when you wear it straight it is a good technique to use. No one looks good with hair flat to their scalp.

Keep repeating these steps until your hair is mostly dry. The tighter you squeeze your hair as you dry it, the more curl you will get, and the longer it will take to dry. This can take from 5-20 minutes, depending on how long and thick your hair is. When your hair is nearly dry, add a little hairspray at your scalp, and through the rest of your hair, and do one more quick round with the hairdryer. I would love to see what you all can do with this-please send your before and after pictures to me!

Tips: Try having some layers cut into your hair if you don’t have them, to maximize your “curl power!” Also, the more frequently you scrunch your hair, the easier it is. Embrace your curls!

To tell you the truth I believe that if a hairstyle has to become a trendy hairstyle it is just a question of styling products. The trick is to know how to choose the right styling product. So many different styling products are available that you may find yourself lost in the world of styling products. You may buy anything from molding paste, to hair mud. You can even make a trendy hairstyle by yourself. You just need to put any smelly stuff you find around you on your hair and you are ready. You just created the perfect trendy hairstyle.

I keep my trendy hairstyle for seven years now. May be you will say, “Seven years? Oh, it is not already a trendy hairstyle! This is your grandma’s hairstyle!”. Okay, I know, I won’t get offended! I know my hairstyle will not be a trendy hairstyle forever. But I do not want to change it. I love my trendy hairstyle. I still think that it is a trendy hairstyle.

I will set your minds at rest with another story of a trendy hairstyle. I used to know a woman who loved her 80’s bug hairstyle with large quantities of hair spray. Why did she love her hairstyle? We won’t probably understand her. But I believe you met such strange people on the streets every day. Hairstyles from 70s and 80s are getting more and more fashionable.

May be nothing can be done to change these people who love their retro hairdos. I may just say a few words about these people who will never change their high school hairstyles. Come on, people grow up! You are already adults. Just try to find any trendy hairstyle, which can successfully replace your timeless teen hairdo. Remember that this was your trendy hairstyle two or four decades ago. I guess you don’t want to become an outcast person. No matter how much you like your teen cut, try to think of trendier hairstyle. You live in a society that will judge you by your appearance. Look for a suitable trendy hairstyle. Go out and you will find it.

Have you ever tried to find a trendy hairstyle on the World-Wide-Web? There are plenty of trendy hairstyles into the internet. It is easy to find a trendy hairstyle, just type in the keywords “trendy hairstyle” into a search engine like Yahoo! or Google. In less than a minute, you will get many results. You will find it hard to choose one.

Consume a diet high in vital nutrients mainly beta carotene, iodine and protein are necessary for shiny healthy hair.

  • Iodine is necessary for the production of the thyroid hormone thyroxin. This hormone promotes hair growth. The foods that contain iodine are seafoods like cod, mussels, seaweed and haddock.
  • Beta Carotene is actually converted by the body into vitamin A which makes the hair strong. You can find it in green and yellow fruits and vegetables like green peppers and cantaloupes.
  • Protein can be found in foods like meat, eggs and nuts to name a few.

Also, try to exercise weekly. This helps improve the circulation while getting your body in shape and making your body “work” better. The hormones and healthy chemical processes taking place in your body during your workout sessions, assist in overall health.

Get out! Well, I’m not saying this rudely. But rather literally. Get out of the house more often and get some sun. If you’re at the office during the day, take a short walk outside on your lunch break. Studies have shown that healthy doses of vitamin D received from the sun actually plays a role in hair growth. But don’t forget to protect your hair and scalp at all times.

Always apply a sunscreen lotion to your skin and wear a hat if you’re outside for long periods of time. If you’re not wearing a hat a great tip is applying some sunscreen lotion to the exposed skin on your scalp. This will keep the area from getting burned.

Get Hair Extensions for a wedding? PROS

  • Your hair will look fabulous for your wedding day. You will be able to look at photos for years to come and remember how great you looked on your wedding day.
  • You can create a stunning look that draws gasps from your guests


  • You will spend a lot of money
  • You may damage your hair (if the extensions are not attached and removed properly) or stress out about your hair being damaged or the extensions falling out.

1. Bonded Hair Extensions PROS

  • Less costly than permanent extensions
  • You can usually go with cheaper quality (and price) human or synthetic hair since you will be wearing them for a short period of time


  • Bonded extensions have been known to cause hair damage during removal
  • Will need to do a trial run weeks if not months before the wedding. (May require installation/removal )

2. Permanent Hair Extensions PROS

  • Trial run not a problem–can get these extensions 1 month before wedding and keep them in.
  • You can get used to having long beautiful hair before your wedding


  • Extensions don’t work for everyone. Sometimes you don’t know if they will work for you until you get them. I get many Emails from women who say they had healthy hair and it is now ruined after wearing hair extensions.
  • Very expensive!! {Prices range from $500-5,000 and higher, plus the cost of the extension hair)
  • Very addictive–once you see yourself with long beautiful hair, you won’t want to take them out.
  • Need to research methods/ stylists—Don’t just go to any salon and get hair extensions–you may be sorry!

3. Clip-In Hair Extensions PROS

  • Cause little or no hair damage and can be removed by yourself
  • Much less expensive than permanent hair extensions
  • You can re-use the clip-in hair extensions whenever you want
  • Peace of mind


  • You will need to search for a stylist that has experience putting in clip-in extensions
  • Although cheaper than permanent extensions, they are still expensive.

I guess we understand ourselves then. With the internet we can all look for hair styles online with no cost any time we want! Plus we can have a direct contact with the pros because we can email them any question we would like them to answer or anything we would like to share with them.

Talk about convenience. It’s never been easier to look for tips on how to get the right hair cut or hair do you need. You can virtually learn anything you want to know about hair cut styles, latest trends in hair ideas and the newest professional hair products in a matter of seconds. All that power! On the tips of your fingers…

Type in hair styles in Google’s search engine and look for the total number of results. As of now, the results reach a number of more than twenty million. TWENTY MILLION! That’s a hell of a lot of web pages just on hair styles. I bet that’s more than the number of magazines with famous hair styles you and all your friends together can buy in over a hundred years! I think that’s enough proof that the internet is a good source of information on hair cuts.

You can find nifty how-to’s for almost any hair cut or hair highlights you want to have, articles about latest trends in hair dos, information on the different types of hair, different hair styles and much much more! It’s like a candy store for anyone hungry for new tips and advice to look good.

Any women that have long enough hair to braid can enjoy this look for any occasion. There is so many different look that you can achieve with hair braiding. You can wear your hair this way for work, school, or even a special night on the town. You will feel more confident when you know that your hair looks put together and it is not hanging in your face.

Many younger girls like to have their mothers do some hair braiding for them. This is such a cute look on any school age child. They can wear them with some cute little ponytail holders or even some ribbon to keep them tight. Any kind of braids in the hair is cute for the smaller children and even some of the young adults.

There are so many forms of hair braiding. There are the French braids, the pigtail braids and even the long braid. It will depend on the length of the hair and the consistency to determine which braid will work better. The longer and thinner hair is going to be able to have the longer and fancier braids.

French braids can be on longer to medium hair. It is easier to do some hair braiding on this type of hair. A French braid is a braid that is made to look like it is inward in the hair. This is a tighter and sleeker look to any women’s hair. Sometimes it is easier to do this type of braid when the hair is damp.

Long hair looks so nice when it is braided. There are girls who can do their own hair braiding and do not need to depend on anyone else to do it for him or her. This will take some skill, but it is a great feature to be able to do on your own. A long hair braid can be made to lye down the back or even be formed into a bun. Either way, this is a great way to keep your hair out of the face and keep it looking neat and attractive at the same time.

Obviously, it’s not enough to just wash and condition your hair to achieve a healthy look. According to the recent polls, people who never go further than washing and drying are not satisfied with the state of their hair health.

The key to achieving great healthy locks is designing your personal hair treatment program. By doing this you will achieve great results in less time. You will have healthy hair and good mood.

Moreover, you’ll be able at last to have any hairstyle you want. Nothing will stop you from making the hottest hairstyle possible, and you will create that Sedu hairstyle you’ve always wanted to have. Everybody will go nuts with jealousy about how great you look with your perfect and gorgeous Sedu hairstyle.

So, let’s start. Make sure to include all of the following to achieve the best results. Remember that hard work brings double profit.

Section 1: Hair Washing

Though all of us wash their hair, many of us do it in a wrong way. This of course can’t benefit to the health of your hair.

To wash the hair correctly you should apply small amount of shampoo to your hair. Massage your hair gently until you form the foam hat around your head. Rinse the hair with warm water. Then rinse again for a minute only with the mildly hot water. It opens up the cuticle of the hair to help the conditioner absorb.

You should wash your hair 3 times a week at least. If you can manage it, make hair washing your daily routine. By doing so you ensure cleanness of your hair that is the first step to its health.

Shampoo is one of the most necessary hygienic products. So, it should also be chosen correctly to match your hair type, level of hair damage, or color pattern.

If you wash your hair correctly you avoid over drying of the scalp and of the hair itself. This is the first step to healthy and Sedu hairstyle.

Section 2: Hair Conditioning

This section of hair treatment is usually omitted by the greatest part of people. But it is wrong. Conditioners were made to let you easily comb your hair, protect hair from frizz or pulling during the blowdrying and combing.

When wet, our hair has greater elasticity than when it is dry. So, if you do not use the conditioner, you may stretch your hair half its normal length, which is not good for its health.

That’s why when you omit conditioning stage of the hair treatment process; you absolutely agree to have your hair pulled, frizzy, or damaged.

To apply conditioner follow these steps:

  • After washing out shampoo with warm and hot water, squeeze as much moisture out of the hair as possible;
  • Apply small amount of the conditioner on the hair and spread it along the hair length;
  • Put on the shower cap to avoid loose of the conditioner through dripping, and leave for 5 min;
  • Rinse the hair with the warm water and then with the cold water;
  • Squeeze the moisture, wrap the head with the towel for a minute or two;
  • Remove the towel and apply leave-in conditioner, spread it along the hair length;
  • Let your hair air dry or make a blow drying.

Application of the conditioner is vital to eliminate frizz in the hair. You ensure its smoothness, and move one more step towards Sedu hairstyle.

Section 3: Hair Masks and Serums

Hair masks and serums are usually applied with, or instead of the conditioner. They are used to eliminate frizz, add volume, or improve state of hair health.

The best schedule for applying hair mask/serum is twice a week for a month. Then make a break for a month and apply again. If the hair is over processed, you can apply mask/serum up to four times a week.

To apply hair mask/serum follow these steps:

  • Wash your hair and towel dry it;
  • Apply conditioner, if needed;
  • Apply hair mask/serum and comb hair from roots to tips to distribute the product;
  • Twist your hair on the back and put a shower cap;
  • Cover your head with the towel and leave for the recommended time;
  • Rinse the hair and let it air dry.

It is better to air dry the hair when applying hair masks/serums. Masks and serums are usually more effective for the overprocessed hair, than conditioner. They help to cure hair damage, add strength to the hair cuticles and revive hair in general.

By applying hair masks and serums you protect your hair against external influence, thus moving closer to Sedu Beauty.

Section 4: Blow Drying

Blow drying is very important in hair care schedule because it is one of the most used procedures in our everyday hair care routine.

So, what you should and what you shouldn’t do when or if blow drying the hair:

  1. You shouldn’t blow dry your hair every day. Establish blow-dry-free days for your hair. It will most certainly thank you for this.
  2. You should towel dry your hair completely before blow drying.
  3. You shouldn’t blow dry soaky wet hair. Remove moisture first, and then switch to a cool setting to lock in shape and curl.
  4. You should dry the bottom part of the hair first because otherwise you may have damp hair underneath of the over dried one.
  5. You shouldn’t bring blow dryer closer than ½ feet to your hair, or you will over dry the scalp.

Of course, when you dry your hair in the morning it is impossible to air dry the hair. But careful and cautious treatment of hair can reduce the harmful effect of the blow drying. Make regular trims to help your hair recover quickly and gain extra force. Switch to the thermal protective products that coat and protect your cuticle.

Having your hair dry before styling is crucial, as wet or damp hair can be severely damaged during straightening or curling. Such damage will most certainly spoil your Sedu hairstyle.

Section 5: Styling

Styling is one of the essential parts of the hair treatment when we speak about our overall image. By styling I mean applying of the styling products and creating some shape of your hair. It includes straightening, curling, updoing, plaiting, braiding, and so on.

Styling shouldn’t be done everyday, as it is most harmful for our hair. Your hair needs the same days off as with the blow drying.

Be careful with applying hot tools like straightening or curling irons. Take care to follow all instructions and use recommended temperature set.

Styling products like mousse or wax should be washed out before going to sleep, or in the morning you will have the most dreadful tangles you’ve ever seen.

However, in the same time styling helps to tame the hair. This procedure appears of the primary importance for people with unmanageable or uncontrollable hair. So, don’t be afraid to use it in Sedu hairstyling.

Section 6: Cutting

Hair cuts are essential for every one with no regard to the length of hair. Moreover, the longer the hair the more important it is to trim the ends regularly.

Recommended schedule for ends’ trimming is 8-10 weeks for squarely cut long hair.

If you have a hair cut, you need fresh-ups according to the following pattern:

  • 3-4 weeks for short haircuts;
  • 5-6 weeks for medium haircuts;
  • 6-7 weeks for long haircuts.

Trimming is also necessary in order to avoid split ends and secure general health of the hair itself, because your hair doesn’t waste its inner forces and nutrition to cure damaged ends.

The secret to luscious, beautiful hair is internal. In other words, it’s what you put in your body that determines 90% of what your hair will look like.

Hair grows out of the scalp, which is part of your skin. And when your skin is healthy, most of your hair problems are taken care of.

A regular hydration program (our “20 glasses of water a day” in addition to the other liquids you’re drinking) helps to keep the body free of toxins and other waste products. When the body is not getting enough water, poisons can accumulate in your system. Even if those poisons are not enough to cause you to be noticeably sick (although I would argue that you still won’t be as optimally, vibrantly healthy as you could be) they can still cause your skin, hair, and complexion to be not as beautiful as they could be. So, get going on your water program today!

It’s especially important to maintain a large amount of fluids during warm weather, when your body will secrete a larger than average amount in sweat. And if you’re going to be out in the sun, bring a water bottle along! It sounds elementary, but it’s something that’s easy to neglect, and you’ll neither feel your best, nor look your best if you do.

But I wouldn’t want you to neglect the external uses of water for your hair as well. Water cleans the daily grit and grime from the hair. It especially cleans the pores and follicles of the scalp, enabling them to “breathe.” And again, during warm weather, you might want to wash your hair more frequently. That goes double for times when you’re out in the sun, or when you’re exposed to a lot of salt water at the beach.

If salt is allowed to accumulate in the hair, it will leave the hair looking lifeless and dowdy. Remember what I said earlier about washing. Water is the primary ingredient for washing. Soaps and shampoos can help, but water is what you need the most, and you should be liberal in your use of it. If you’re on the beach, and there’s a public shower, for example, rinse your hair frequently. You don’t have to always use shampoo — just make sure you rinse it well! (The same goes for any time you use shampoo: make certain all of the shampoo gets rinsed out).

The shampoo you use should be gentle and easy on the hair. Baby shampoos can be good at such times, because they are obviously designed to be less harsh than some adult shampoos. The primary thing you’re looking for is a very gentle soap to remove dirt you’ve got in your hair.

Conditioners can be useful in helping to revitalize the hair, too. They are especially useful when the hair has been damaged. Damage can come from a lot of factors. Prolonged exposure to the sun can be a biggie. But coloring the hair can do it, too, as well as other chemical exposure.

There are many conditioners to choose from, but one of the simplest and gentlest on the hair is plain vinegar. Before you think I’m nuts, give it a try. The process is easy.

After washing your hair, and thoroughly removing rinsing out any shampoo, pour over your hair a mixture of 1/4 cup of white or apple cider vinegar and 3/4 cup of warm water. (The vinegar should be pure vinegar, without additives. If it’s food grade vinegar, it’s fine to use for this). A warning: close your eyes tightly before pouring this over your hair. While it won’t really hurt your eyes, they will sting if it gets in them.