Choose a Hair Straightener

Price – It is obvious that like any other purchase money plays a vital part. You must remember that purchasing a hair straightener is a one time investment which will improve your life style for years. Therefore, you shouldn’t buy the cheap hair straighteners that cost less than $100. How ever, you should not invest more that $160 in a hair straightener. You can buy excellent hair straighteners like the Sedu hair straightener in an average price of $130.

Weight – The lighter the hair straightener is, the better. Remember, there is a good chance that you will use the hair straightener daily. You should buy a hair straightener with an ergonomic design and a light weight. The Sedu hair straightener, for example, weights as low as 1 lbs.

Best fit – Most hair straighteners fit all hair type. However, You should adjust the width of the ceramic plates to your hair’ length. For 95% of hair lengths, It is advisable to get a width of 1.5″. For a very long hair, you should get wider plates. The Sedu hair straightener comes with ceramic plate’s width of 1″ and 1.5″.

Plate’s types – A hair straightener includes two plates. Only ceramic plates assure no heat damage if use properly.

Heating time – You should not compromise on less than a quick heating of the hair straightener. How ever, make sure you can adjust the temperature or at least have not less than 3 temperature levels.