Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin

Eat a lot of fish

Fish is rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6,. These fatty acids counteract the blocking of pores that cause acne, and in the long term, more wrinkles. Salmon, mackerel and tuna are the species richest in the healthy acids, but if you don’t like fish you can also find them in almond, hazelnuts and flaxseed.

Goodbye blush food

A touch of color on the cheeks is nice, but bright red blushing from top to collar bone is not necessarily desirable. If you have a tendency for blushing, be alert that certain food and drinks may be the cause. This especially applies for spice, salted and smoked meat, taste amplifiers (especially sodium glutamate) and alcohol (especially red wine). This kind of food makes the blood vessels expand, and cause red cheeks and blushing neck and breast. However, everybody reacts differently on food be alert on what makes you turn red.

A lot of olive oil

If you avoid fatty substance to keep the waist slim, your face may be paying the price. A lot of young women experience dry skin that peel of because they don’t get enough fatty substance. If your daily intake is less than 20 gram (approx. two tablespoons of oil) the skin is not able to uphold. Not only will the skin look dry and dead, it will also accelerate wrinkles. Without fat the body cannot absorb vitamin A, which the body needs to counter the ageing process. Therefore: Use avocadoes and nuts in the salad and pour some olive oil on top – it doesn’t hurt!