Hair Extensions For Wedding

Get Hair Extensions for a wedding? PROS

  • Your hair will look fabulous for your wedding day. You will be able to look at photos for years to come and remember how great you looked on your wedding day.
  • You can create a stunning look that draws gasps from your guests


  • You will spend a lot of money
  • You may damage your hair (if the extensions are not attached and removed properly) or stress out about your hair being damaged or the extensions falling out.

1. Bonded Hair Extensions PROS

  • Less costly than permanent extensions
  • You can usually go with cheaper quality (and price) human or synthetic hair since you will be wearing them for a short period of time


  • Bonded extensions have been known to cause hair damage during removal
  • Will need to do a trial run weeks if not months before the wedding. (May require installation/removal )

2. Permanent Hair Extensions PROS

  • Trial run not a problem–can get these extensions 1 month before wedding and keep them in.
  • You can get used to having long beautiful hair before your wedding


  • Extensions don’t work for everyone. Sometimes you don’t know if they will work for you until you get them. I get many Emails from women who say they had healthy hair and it is now ruined after wearing hair extensions.
  • Very expensive!! {Prices range from $500-5,000 and higher, plus the cost of the extension hair)
  • Very addictive–once you see yourself with long beautiful hair, you won’t want to take them out.
  • Need to research methods/ stylists—Don’t just go to any salon and get hair extensions–you may be sorry!

3. Clip-In Hair Extensions PROS

  • Cause little or no hair damage and can be removed by yourself
  • Much less expensive than permanent hair extensions
  • You can re-use the clip-in hair extensions whenever you want
  • Peace of mind


  • You will need to search for a stylist that has experience putting in clip-in extensions
  • Although cheaper than permanent extensions, they are still expensive.