Bath salts can be used to exfoliate rough areas. Simply scrub your heels and elbows gently with a wet washcloth and salts and then rinse thoroughly. Followed up by a long soak in the same bath salts, it will help slow the aging of the skin as well as improve the skin’s overall moisture. Bath salts might even help reduce scaring. They have also been shown to help maintain balance in the lymphatic system.

Soaking in the bath salts will also help reduce itching from bug bites, poison ivy and other rashes. They can help pull out toxins and impurities in the skin, aiding in the healing process. It can also help reduce acne by helping to cleanse pores.

Arthritis sufferers can find some relief while soaking in bath salt. It’s great for general aches and pains after a long day at work or exercising. The potassium is especially important after exercising.

In addition to the reduced pain, it helps you relax, allowing the muscles to heal quicker. Water retention can be reduced as well as improving circulation. Bath salts are also beneficial to bone and nail strength, thanks to the calcium content. Who knew

Maybe you’re lucky. Maybe you don’t have a tummy that protrudes a bit more with each passing year, no matter how often you go to the gym and how faithful you are to the south beach diet. If you’re not one of the lucky ones though, you might consider abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a tummy tuck.

It’s a surgical procedure which means there are the risks associated with it. But the wisest thing to do is to look at your situation carefully and see if the benefits outweigh the risks. Because of new developments in the procedure, the benefits are considerable.

What exactly is a tummy tuck? Abdominoplasty is the reduction of excess skin and fat from the abdomen and the tightening of muscles of the abdominal wall. Depending on the needs of the patient and the methods of the surgeon, a tummy tuck can vary in scope and process. Some doctors combine abdominoplasty with liposuction, for example, while others do not.

Why have a tummy tuck? It reduces the normal sagging that is part of the aging process. For women, childbearing can accelerate this sagging. Pregnancy stretches the abdominal skin which loses its original

Do a practice run

Try out the hairstyle in advance, before your wedding day. Schedule the “practice run” with your stylist. If the hairstyle that you envisioned does not look as good on you as you had hoped, you’ll be glad you found that out before the big day!

Take pictures

At the “practice run”, bring a Polaroid or digital camera to take instant pictures. Ask the stylist to take pictures from the back and other angles. The pictures will give you a better idea how the style would look to others (as opposed to just looking in the mirror).

Matching with your dress

Your hair style should go well with your wedding dress and headpiece. Classic dresses go best with classic hairstyles. Non-traditional dresses might look odd with the formal updos. Buy the dress before you select a hairstyle. Bring your headpiece and the picture of your dress to the stylist, so the stylist can evaluate whether it’s a good match.

Watch out for chemicals

Don’t have any coloring or chemical treatments done right before the wedding – these can go wrong, and there won’t be time to fix them!

  • First, find a conditioner that works for your hair type. Search online for keywords “hair types” and narrow your hair type down to one or two close categories. You may be a combo 3c and 4a. This will help you better understand which type of conditioner to purchase among the many available.
  • Get to know your ingredients. The long, hard-to-pronounce ingredients on the label can be overwhelming. But with familiarity, you can learn to spot which ingredients you want to keep and which you want to avoid. Ingredients like propylene glycol, cetyl alcohol and panthenol are common. Search online for ingredients lists. One such list can be found at
  • Recommended: Purchase an extended shower head/hose. Handheld shower heads with variable sprays offer the best control for rinsing the hair and are often well worth the investment.
  • Rinse the hair with warm water. Avoid water that is too hot (if it initially stings your back, it’s too hot). Cleansing results from the action of water plus cleanser (shampoo and/or conditioner) and agitation (hand movements through the hair). Warm water will clean hair well while hot water can be damaging. While rinsing with water, gently comb

Now, not everyone has the time and the patience to go to the spa to get a body wrap done. This is when you should give yourself a partial or full body wrap in the privacy in your home with the help of home body wraps. Not only do you save time in this way, you also save money as the kit basically costs about 1/3 of what a salon may charge for the same wrap!

When applying a body wrap at home, it is necessary to choose a place in your house where you will not be disturbed for an hour. You need some space where you can lie down comfortably. To do this, you can put a camping mattress on the floor, or a plastic sheet to avoid any. Once this is ready, keep some towels handy to wipe yourself after the body wrap and a blanket to wrap yourself warm, if needed.

The next step lies in mixing the body wrap and smearing in onto the body, as you would a suntan lotion. Then the blankets have to be wrapped around your body. Sit in this wrap for half an hour to one

In olden times people use to color their hair by using plants extracts and many people still do. These are natural agents which are very good for your hair without any side effects. The other things which changes color of your hair are vinegar. The shampoos which have come in the market are very harmful as they are chemical based making your hair brittle and hard. Many have allergies from some of these shampoos. So something herbal would be very helpful.

Many brands are available in the market which is used for temporary coloring of your hair. Many of your gray hair are removed by doing the temporary hair coloring. There are different ranges of color and according to your body and hair the color would be used. There are ways of doing it at home as you get color packs which can be self-used. But sometimes such kind of work should be done by professionals who can give more justice to your hair.

You can also get streaking done to your hair which means your entire hair won’t be colored but parts of it. There are things which are like markers and can be directly

Just like when you are feeling tired you reach your kitchen’s cabinet to grab some of your favorite tea brand and relax, the same should your reaction be in case you wake up in the morning and witness the symptom of puffy eyes in your bathroom’s mirror. Chances are that if your body is tired your eyes will show it. Swollen, red or puffy eyes are indicators of fatigue and it is important to be aware of the fact that the black tea bags you place into your favorite mug can also offer your eyes immediate relief.

The restorative effect of black tea is so apparent that it will surprise you how quickly this simple process can reduce your problem and its occurrence. From the night before, you should boil water and put two tea bags in it like you would if you were going to make tea. After brewing for 5 minutes, take the tea bags out and ring out the liquid. Next, place both tea bags into your kitchen’s freezer. You need to have them cool, but not frozen. Keep them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and then take them out, lay down, relax


Yes, it is an old cliché, but you are what you eat. Your skin, eyes, weight, looks and even your emotional state are influenced by what you eat. Eat rubbish, and you’ll feel like rubbish, and that is what you’ll project to the people around you. This sounds hard, and many of you will not believe this to be true, but the fact is that if your diet does not consist of a well rounded, nutritionally balanced intake of good quality food, sooner or later your body will reflect this.

Diets come in all shapes and sizes. Everyday we read or hear about another miracle diet that will loose us those extra kilos, make us look a million dollars and so on… Unfortunately, most of these diets do not work, at least not for the majority of people who try them. This is not always the fault of the diet, but often this is due to the fact that the celebrity who is promoting this diet has a completely different lifestyle to the one we have. They can afford to spend hours in the gym, have personal trainers and have the cash to buy the

A smile makeover is the process of giving you a new smile through the use of porcelain veneers, dental bonding, dental implants, dental crowns, tooth whitening, or dental bridges. Cosmetic dentists like Dr. Kodish in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can employ any number of these techniques to give you the dazzling Hollywood smile that you have always wanted.

“I perform smile makeovers to not only provide my patients with a great smile, but to improve their self-confidence as well,” says Dr. Kodish. Since your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, having a bright new smile can boost your self-confidence.

When having a smile makeover, the cosmetic dentist will not only evaluate your teeth so that any restorations that are performed will work well and look good. Cosmetic dentists like Dr. Kodish evaluate the shape, size, and color of each of the teeth in your mouth. By doing this, the cosmetic dentist can determine exactly what restoration or combination of restorations will provide you with the results that you want.

Once the cosmetic dentist has determined what restorations they feel will accomplish you goals, they should discuss with you about the

Several women experience hair loss after pregnancy. Hair loss also occurs as a symptom of certain diseases such as diabetes or anemia; in such cases, the hair loss can be corrected or stopped by treating these diseases.

A clinic in America claims that excessive sebum is the single biggest cause of 99 per cent of all hair loss in men and women. Sebum tends to clog the pores of the scalp and hinders follicle growth. In time, the hair root is asphyxiated and it is impossible for new hair to grow.

Hair loss shampoos help in rectifying the problem of hair loss by providing proper nourishment and vital proteins and nutrients that food supplements may not provide. Check the label on the shampoo bottle to see what it contains. Proteins, keratin and amino acids all bond with the hair shaft to fill-in the cracks caused by poor treatment of the hair. They strengthen and protect the hair. Vitamin B5 or Panthenol has the ability to penetrate hair and is highly recommended for strength and healthy growth.

The type of shampoo that you use is purely one of personal choice. Cosmetic companies that produce shampoos spend