Prevention of Nail Problems

Nails are made up of dead keratin tissues containing fat and water. They are non-organic and do not perform any function. But they are prone to several problems such as turning brittle, deformed, or getting exposed to various infections such as fungus or algae.

There are various problems pertaining to the nail plate. Some of them are as follows:

Brittle nail is a common problem that is caused by the loss of fat and water, which in turn splits the cells, thus making the nail brittle and frail. To overcome this problem, there are a number of remedies. It is advised that you wear gloves or use a long handled mop to prevent your hands from dipping into the water. To avoid dehydration effect do not use nail remover often. Just apply a single coat of nail polish to avoid using remover often. Massage the base of the nail plate with a cream.

A hangnail is a problem that is caused due to a tear in the cuticle or in the nail folds. These cuticles usually have a tendency to stick to the nail plate and when the nails grow the stretched part eventually tears. So constantly massage the cuticles to keep them soft. Sometimes you may face the problem of nail fold cracks. Do not pull off the splinter as it can cause infection to the nail folds. If your toe nails are not properly cut they lead to growing-toe problems. They penetrate into the nailfold thus leading to swelling. So always keep the nails in proper shape but do not cut them too short. Do not cut them from the side.