Remove Discolored Patches

Protect skin from sun-

Keep sun away as much as possible. Use a high SPF, preferably 30, sunscreen regularly. Wear a wide brimmed hat and keep yourself covered with proper clothing. Use big sunglasses that can also give shadow to part of cheeks.

Bleach the skin-

The next step is to use bleaches. You will get prescription bleaches as well as OTC. Consult your doctor about that. Hydroquinone is the most common bleach, but some countries don’t allow its use as bleach. Use Kojic acid or Azelaic Acid bleaches in its place. Use products enriched with Vitamin A derivatives, Vitamin C an other anti oxidants and AHAs. AHAs will peel away the superficial coloration from the epidermis.

Skin Bleaching and precautions-

Don’t use bleach after the color has returned to original. Don’t use bleach on normal skin otherwise it will bleach that part and make it look lighter.